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Documentos Legales 2018

En la siguiente sección se presenta la documentación legal de conformación de la funcionación, sírvase consultar públicamente esta información legal.
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Open your mouth for the world in defense of the hapless

This call is not for those who suffer physical injury, but for him who has no voice in society for his years or poverty. But in this room of power. God in His infinite mercy has placed people with a heart full of kindness to those who are alone.
We are encouraged by the Holy Spirit, always say: “All for you my savior”. Proverbs 31, 8.


Equity and spirituality

Nobody grows old only by living a number of years, people age to abandon his ideals, The years wrinkle the face, but lose enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.
Ciceron año 45 a .C


Respect for human dignity

Growing old is like climbing a big mountain while climbs decrease the forces, but the look is free, the view broader and serene.
Ingrid Bergman