The institution was founded in the year of 2000, thanks to the spirit, vocation and service of its founder. Initially was located on a house at the La Mariela sector on the Barandillas vereda, the house was filled with elements donated by people of good heart who believed in this project, joining the foundation at the service for the less favored people of Zipaquirá and the bounding municipalities.

Successively where came pacients in very bad conditions of health, most of them abandoned by their families because their postration and the problems that it takes.

In the year of 2001 where sheltered 15 people, each one with different tragic histories, they where totally depending by the foundation about home, food, clothes, medicines, medical services and nursery.

By the 2003 the foundation got a headquarter house in the Carrera 4 # 5-86 at the Barandillas neighborhood, being a donated house, did not offered the best conditions to give an optimal service and comfort for the surrounding people, by this reason the foundation decided to sell the house and began the construction of a new one.

At the same time where implemented the first aid services, injectology, venipuncture, cures, medicines and food to the communities who lived in the bounding neighborhoods with low incomes, we founded every type of social problems, like physical and psychological ill-treatment, family violence, malnutrition and all the problems of social decomposition.

By the year 2006 got builded the new headquarter, located at the rural sector at La Mariela, with appropiate materials and spaces for taking care of the elderly people, with condittions of disability and terminal sickness.

The institution will keep working as until now, strengthening the bounds of solidarity with all the people and communities wich had been benefit with our services in some moment, trying to improve every day, being more efficient and affective, seeking improve the quality of life for the elderly people, with condittions of disability and terminal sickness, who suffered pain and abandonment.